2021-2022 Homeschool Resource Center

In-person classes will be held at Trinity Lutheran Church - 67 Saxton St., Lockport, NY 14094

Science Exploration

Classes offered by Lacey Bahr

Science Exploration- Creation Science Thursdays 12:15-1:30pm (Gr. 2-6)

Class Description: We will explore God's creation and His ordered systems through observation and hands-on discovery. Topics will include geology (rock types and formation), biology (cells, life cycles, animal classification, worm dissection), ecology (food chains and biomes), and astronomy (planets and stars).

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Classical Core Classes

Classes offered by Susan Knowles:

Omnibus II Historical Literature Discussion Class - $150/ 32 weeks on Tues/Thurs (Gr. 7-12) 12:15pm-1:30pm

Shurley English Level 5 Grammar and Writing support - $80/28 weeks beginning 9/16 on Thursdays 11:00-11:45 (appropriate for students in Gr. 4-6)

Second Form Latin - This course will cover units 3-5. $135/32 weeks on Tues/Thurs 10:00-10:45 am (time change possible based on student schedules)

Click here for Susan Knowles' for Class Descriptions or visit her website at www.lovetolearnclassically.org

Fun in the Middle Ages

Classes offered by Melissa Zech

Fun in the Middle Ages

Thursdays 1:30-2:15 (Recommended for grades 3-6)

Class Description: This class will give elementary children an exposure to history from the Fall of Rome to 1650. We will focus mainly on European history and follow the timeline to learn about topics such as Vikings, life in a castle, Queen Elizabeth, early explorers, and more! We will also look at God’s goodness as he cared for his church through this important time.

Class will focus on stories and activities, with a little bit of writing. This class will not have homework assignments. Cost- $80

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